Jeremy Ferguson has been recording since 1995, starting in his parent’s garage in Newburgh, Indiana, where he grew up. Ferguson started Battle Tapes Recording in 2002, moving to Nashville in 2003 with Battle Tapes as a proper studio.  What you’ll find is a studio that will have the equipment and instruments you’d like available to you to make something as beautiful or destroyed as you’d like, all in a comfortable environment.

Jeremy owns an extensive record collection which he culls from for his influences in the recording environment and pays no allegiance to any one recording style (liking productions varying from super-gloss pop records to 70s anechoic recordings to dirty as they can be voice memos of babies speaking in tongues.) and is only interested in making recordings that suit the music they are showcasing and are what those involved wish a specific recording to sound like.

Battle Tapes Recording and Jeremy Ferguson have gotten many notices in papers and magazines around the world, including London’s prestigious The Observer, The Guardian,Tape Op, The Nashville Scene, Forbes, Rolling Stone, Southeast Performer, and Nashville’s own Nashville Lifestyles, who gave Battle Tapes Recording a “Where To Make A Record Right Now” mention.  Jeremy was the lead engineer on the 2019 Cage The Elephant album, Social Cues, which has earned a number of #1’s on radio and won a 2020 Grammy for Best Rock Album.

If you’ve ever wanted to make a record onto the model of tape machine Dark Side of The Moon or McCartney II was recorded on and the evolution of the model of console John Lennon’s Imagine was mixed on in a relaxed environment but have it sound like a it was done in a sterile, big budget studio, this is the place for you.